Did Chuck E Cheese Issue a Statement on the Capitol Riots?

On January 7 2021 a statement on the Capitol riots, attributed to the family-themed restaurant chain Chuck E Cheese, began circulating on Twitter:

A number of high-profile Twitter accounts shared (and then deleted) the image of the purported Chuck E Cheese statement, which read:

Chuck E. Cheese believes in fun. We don’t believe in overthrowing Democracy. Yesterday’s display was not the kind of party we’d ever condone. And while Chuck E. Cheese establishments nationwide are where a kid can be a kid, we strongly condem [sic] the party pooper adult insurrectionists, as well as President Trump. Kids and adults alike look forward to the dawn of a new day, and the incoming President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

One very popular iteration was quickly deleted, but replies remained:

Another iteration was apparently shared and later deleted by Keith Edwards (@KeithEdwards, a senior digital advisor to Senator-Elect Jon Ossoff), again evidenced by replies and discourse:

In the second tweet above, @BlackGirlTris indicated that a “senior digital editor for a politician tweeted out a very questionable Chuck E Cheese statement claiming it was real,” adding it “took all of 60 seconds to check their socials and website to figure out it wasn’t.” Another account explained why they deleted their share of the purported Chuck E Cheese statement:

As @BlackGirlTris pointed out, the @ChuckECheese “with replies” timeline did not include a statement or reference to the events of January 6 2021 at the Capitol, nor any activity from later than January 5 2021.  Similarly, Chuck E Cheese’s official website did not feature the statement. A January 4 2021 “Message From Our CEO” was prominent on its homepage, but it had nothing to do with insurrection or riots on January 6 2021:

I am excited to share that we have completed the final step in our financial restructuring process and that we are beginning a new chapter as a stronger and healthier company, well positioned to execute on our long-term goals. While we worked hard to return the Company back to financial health last year, we never compromised our steadfast focus on safely reopening our locations for our guests and local teams.

Our Team is excited to continue safely delivering great memories, entertainment, and pizza for kids and families around the world for generations to come. We absolutely remain committed to providing the highest safety protocols in the industry and we value the trust and loyalty you place in us. Our Team looks forward to providing you and your family many more enjoyable, safe, fun-filled experiences at our restaurants or in your own home.

No such statement appeared on Chuck E Cheese’s Instagram page, either. However, the earliest iteration we were able to find was published just before noon on January 7 2021:

Immediately thereafter, the account — the apparent originator — tweeted:

This is parody in case that wasn’t clear. But! Not a statement they shouldn’t put out…

Twitter users praised the purported Chuck E Cheese statement on “insurrection,” after it quickly became decoupled from its source — a “parody,” labeled as such in replies. Chuck E Cheese did not issue the statement, and the company has taken no position on the events of January 6 2021.

We contacted @ChuckECheese for comment, but we have not yet received a response.