Disney Magic Kingdom Makeover-Fiction! but an ad campaign!

Disney Magic Kingdom Makeover Dedicates Park To One Special Person For An Entire Year- Fiction! but it is an advertising campaign!

Summary of eRumor:
A forwarded email with link to a news video reporting that the Disney Magic Kingdom has had a major make over and dedicated the park to one person for an entire year—and that person is you!  The video appears to be professionally produced by Disney and uses your name throughout
The Truth:
This is the internet programming magic of the Walt Disney Internet Group.  Visitors to their SUN7NEWS.COM  “can create a little magic of their own” by entering names and email addresses of friends and relatives.   They receive a link to a very authentic looking TV News website that has a custom news video that tells them that they are the ones who have been chosen by Disney to be honored throughout the park for an entire year.
It isn’t real, and there are disclaimers on the webpage to alert the viewer.
The web page is very well disguised to look real with news stories such as “Dog springs pirates from jail cell” and “Woman finds talking mouse in kitchen.”
We’ve posted an example below that used TruthOrFiction.com as the “person” being honored.
updated 12/11/08