Photo of a High Speed Boat Used to Smuggle Drugs-Truth!

Photo of a 2000 Horse Power Boat Used to Smuggle Drugs-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a photograph of boat with eight 250 horse power outboard engines that says that boats like these were designed to smuggle drugs across the English Channel.

The Truth:
This boat is real and was built by Crompton Marine in the United Kingdom, a boat designer that specializes in high speed recreational boats.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported in 2007 that two of the partners in the company “were suspected of making secret cash deals on boats costing up to £350,000, each with eight 250-horsepower engines strapped to the back.”

According to the article, the boats are between 30ft and 60ft in overall boat length and can reach speeds of close to 60 knots, which could allow them to out-run law enforcement in pursuit.  Because of the boat’s color and low profile it is difficult to be detected by radar and the naked eye.  These boats have eight 250 horse power outboards attached at their transom which is 4 times more that what is normally seen on recreational boats of that size and design.  One Crompton Marine owner pleaded guilty to two money laundering and another was charged with money laundering, tax evasion and drug trafficking.     Click for article.

updated 12/28/09