Free Ericsson laptops?-Fiction!

Ericsson is Giving Away Free Laptops for Forwarded Emails-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

An Internet giveaway message.  It encourages you to forward the email to 8 people and within 2 weeks Ericsson will send you a free Ericsson T18.  If you send it to 20 people you’ll receive a free Ericsson R320.  The message says Ericsson is giving away new WAP laptops.

The Truth:

There is no Ericsson laptop giveaway.

Is a matter of fact there are no Ericsson T18 or R320 laptops.

Ericsson is a cell phone company and both are models of cell phones.

“WAP” refers to Wireless Application Protocol that does provide Internet content on a WAP-enabled device.

Additionally, there is no system being used on the Internet to trace the pathways of forwarded emails to compensate you or anyone else.

This email is a hoax.

updated 3/7/07