Family Tree Maker version 9 genealogy software Is spyware-Fiction!

Family Tree Maker Version 9.0 Genealogy Software Is SpywareFiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A warning that the best-selling genealogy software Family Tree Maker, Version 9, has tracking software included that spies on your Internet activity, then sends that information to FTM’s parent company, Mattel.

The Truth:

It’s a little complicated, but according to the folks at Family Tree Maker, there is no spying going on.  (Family Tree Maker and are now owned by Mattel.)

Before software is sold to the public, software makers distribute “beta” (test) versions to various people to use and to report any bugs.  In the beta version of Family Tree Maker version 9.0, the aqueduct feature collected information about the operation of the program and if someone had a problem, the log file that was created could be emailed to the designers so they could troubleshoot the glitch.  Aqueduct was to have been removed in the released version, but was accidentally included.  A spokesperson for Family Tree Maker says that even though aqueduct does create a log file of activity, that information is not available to them over the Internet or any other means.

An update is available for version 9 that corrects that and another problem.  CLICK HERE for the update.