Food Stamps Can Buy Cigarettes and Alcohol – Fiction!

Food Stamps Can Buy Cigarettes and Alcohol – Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

President Obama signed the SNAP Fairness Act of 2104 into law on December 7, 2014, which lets food stamp recipients use EBT cards to buy alcohol and tobacco.

The Truth:

This eRumor is false.

It started with a satirical article published by The Salty Badger, a fake news website that reported: 

“The SNAP Fairness Act also increased the annual budget for SNAP for the 2015 fiscal year. Those who have been on food stamps for over two years will receive a 50% increase in their monthly food stamp earnings. This is what sponsors for the bill called loyalty rewards.”

The Salty Badger’s disclaimer reveals, however, that it’s not a legitimate news site:

“When the Salty Badger was conceived and born from two genius minds, literally minutes prior to writing this statement, we had three major goals in our minds: Bring our brand of comedy to the forefront, have beautiful women throwing themselves at us, and get scrooge McDuck rich.  We will settle for any one of the three.  We will sneak our humor into the minds of the world one individual at a time starting with our close friends and family because they have a social obligation to read whatever we stick in their faces.”

In reality, the SNAP Fairness Act of 2014 was never introduced, the congressional website reports. Also, President Obama didn’t sign any bills into law on December 7, 2014. 

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits can only be used to purchase food or to purchase plants or seeds to grow food, the USDA reports. SNAP cannot be used to buy pet food, soaps, paper products, alcohol, tobacco, hot foods or anything that will be eaten in the store.