Ford Moves Manufacturing from Mexico to Ohio after Trump Win-Mostly Fiction!

Ford Moves Manufacturing from Mexico to Ohio after Trump Win-Mostly Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
After Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, Ford Motor Company announced that it would move its manufacturing operations from Mexico to Ohio.
The Truth:
Ford has shifted production of some of its trucks from Mexico to Ohio — but the change happened in August 2015, more than a year before Donald Trump was elected president.
Various websites re-reported the story to make it appear that Trump’s election had led to Ford shifting production of its full-size F-650 and F-750 trucks from Mexico to a plant in Avon Lake, Ohio.
The site Viral Liberty, for example, re-reported the 2015 story under the headline, “Trump Wins the Presidency & Ford Shifts Truck Production from Mexico to Ohio.”
However, large portions of that story were lifted from an August 2015 report filed by CNN Money

Ford’s heavy duty pickup trucks which used to be built in Mexico started rolling off an assembly line in Ohio this week.

That’s good news for the 1,000 Ford workers in Ohio, who might have otherwise been out of work.

It’s also good publicity for Ford (F), which has been under fire for investing so much in Mexico. In April, the automaker said it would invest $2.5 billion in transmission plants in the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Guanajuato, creating about 3,800 jobs there.

…”Our investment…reinforces our commitment to building vehicles in America,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president, The Americas. “Working with our partners in the UAW, we found a way to make the costs competitive enough to bring production of a whole new generation of work trucks to Ohio.”

But although Ford’s decision to move some of its truck production from Mexico to Ohio didn’t have anything to do with Trump being elected president — Trump was a vocal critic of Ford’s $2.5 billion investment in Mexico back in 2015, and he was credited at the time for shedding light on the issue, the Detroit News reports:

Trump, who announced his plans to run at an appearance in New York on Tuesday, vowed to impose 35 percent taxes on imported Ford vehicles and parts coming from the new Mexican plant.

Trump said he would call Ford CEO Mark Fields — whom he identified only as “the head of Ford” — to explain the “bad news.”

“Let me give you the bad news: every car, every truck and every part manufactured in this plant that comes across the border, we’re going to charge you a 35 percent tax — OK? — and that tax is going to be paid simultaneously with the transaction,” Trump said. “They are going to take away thousands of jobs.”

The good news ends there, however. After Trump’s election, Fields said the company would continue its plans to move some of its manufacturing operations to Mexico despite threats by President-elect Trump to impose tariffs, BBC reports:

But the Ford boss said a levy on car imports would hurt the US economy.

“A tariff like that would be imposed on the entire auto sector that could have a major impact on the US economy,” Mr Fields told reporters at the Los Angeles auto show.

“I continue to think that the right policies will prevail because we continue to share the same objective which is a healthy and vibrant US economy,” he said.

Ford has previously said it would shift production of its US-produced Focus and C-Max models to a new facility in Mexico by 2018.

Mr Fields said on Tuesday it was moving the Focus to make room for two new products in Michigan.

He also expressed support for free trade deals like Nafta, echoing comments from BMW chief executive Harald Krueger last week.

Given that a 2015 story was re-reported as breaking news after Trump was elected in 2016, and that Ford has said it will continue on with plans to move some manufacturing to Mexico despite Trump’s election, we’re calling this one “fiction.”