Hillary Clinton refused to see Gold Star Mothers-Fiction!

Senator Hillary Clinton Refused to Meet with A Group of Mothers Whose Children Have Been Killed In Military CombatFiction!

Summary of eRumor:
The Gold Star Mothers is a group of women whose sons or daughters have been killed in U.S. military combat.  Some representatives of the group were in Washington, D.C. meeting with members of Congress, but the only one who refused to meet with them Was Senator Hillary Clinton, according to an article in the Internet site www.newsmax.com (5/26/2001).
This eRumor is also sometimes circulated with the eRumor about the Clinton’s New York residence being supported by government funds, which is also Fiction!  CLICK HERE for that story.

The Truth:

There are conflicting reports about this, but the evidence seems to point to the fact that the Senator did not rebuff the Gold Star Mothers.
The American Gold Star Mothers is a real organization that was founded in 1929.
This eRumor about Hillary Clinton refusing to meet with them is from an article on the Internet site www.newsmax.com.  (The article is dated Saturday, May 26, 2000, but is probably meant to be 2001 since May 26 was on a Saturday in 2001 and Hillary Clinton was not yet a Senator in 2000.)
According to the article, Gold Star Mothers New York chapter president Shirley Jones and member Mary Wheeler were in Washington D.C. visiting the offices of U.S. Senators but “The only office that refused to meet with the New York Gold Star Mothers was none other than New York Senator Hillary Clinton. She and her staff simply refused to meet with them.”
The National President of The American Gold Star Mothers, Georgianna Carter-Krell, told TruthOrFiction.com, however, that the two mothers did not have an appointment with Senator Clinton and that, it turns out, she wasn’t even in her office that day.  Carter-Krell said that her office regrets the misunderstanding and hopes that the negative comments about Hillary Clinton will stop.
Another source close to the story confirmed for TruthOrFiction.com that the request to meet with Hillary Clinton was a spontaneous one, not something that had been requested and refused in advance.
Posted 05/13/08
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