A Thank You from Google For Submitting  Your Resume-Virus!

A Thank You from Google For Submitting Your Resume-Virus!

Summary of eRumor:

This is an email that informs readers that their resume has been received by the staffing team of the popular search engine Google.com. The email thanks them for their application and comes with a “zipped” compressed file attached suggesting that they open it to confirm their application.

The Truth:

This is a scam to trick readers into opening an attachment in the email that contains a virus.  

Many Google users have received this email and reported it to the Google Help Bulletin Board, some noting that their malware interception tools were unable to detect the infected file.   

Some popular email services like Yahoo, use malware detection utilities for attachments but since this file is in a compress zip format it may slip by undetected.

updated 03/09/10