Pray for Griffin Middleton of Rural Hall, North Carolina-Truth! but Resolved!

Pray for Little Griffin Middleton of North CarolinaTruth! But Now Ended!

Summary of eRumor:
Prayer is requested for Griffin Middleton, an infant from Rural Hall, North Carolina. The cap from a medication syringe got stuck in the boy’s throat and he couldn’t breathe.  The email request says he’s in intensive care and in bad shape.
The Truth:
Little Griffin did not make it.  This happened during the first part of August, 2001.  Griffin was on life support, but tests showed that the lack of oxygen to his brain had left him in a vegetative state.  He died shortly afterwards. talked with the father, Ken Middleton, who said Griffin was 5 months old and his and Kim’s only child.  They appreciate everybody’s care, concern, and prayers and Ken said that was especially true of the people in their community.