Gun maker Says Dell refused to sell him a computer-Truth!

Dell Refused to Sell a Computer to a Man Because he Was a Gun maker-Truth! & Fiction!


Summary of eRumor:  

The message says it is from a gunsmith named Jack Weigand who is upset that an order for a laptop computer to Dell was canceled.  He says that after he ordered it and it failed to arrive, he called Dell and was told that the shipment had been canceled by the company because they were concerned that he might use the laptop for illegal purposes.  The name of his business is “Weigand Combat Handguns, Inc.”

The Truth:  

Jack Weigand is real and he did order a Dell computer on February 13 and did experience cancellation of his order. In a statement from the company, Dell Chairman Michael Dell said the order was canceled to give time to follow up with Weigand and make sure that there were no violations of U.S. Export law, which the company has been very cautious about since September 11. Dell has denied discriminating against any particular kind of business.
Weigand’s business name, “Weigand Combat Handguns” raised a flag at Dell and they wanted to check things out before continuing with the order.
Weigand has received an email apology from a supervisor at Dell and an offer to put the order through, but has turned it down, saying he no longer wants to do business with them.
The company’s statement said a serious mistake was made and that it does not discriminate against businesses or individuals based on the products they
make or sell.
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