"Hail Satan" Appears on In-N-Out Burger Cups-Fiction!

“Hail Satan” Appears on In-N-Out Burger Cups-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

A viral photo of an In-N-Out Burger cup with “hail satan” printed on the bottom circulated in April 2018.

The Truth:

In-N-Out Burger cups don’t say “hail satan.” The burger chain is known for printing biblical verses on its paper products. “Hail satan” was added to a picture of an In-N-Out cup using photo editing software, probably as a joke.
It’s not clear who, exactly, edited the In-N-Out hail satan photo. But the original unedited photo was posted online in 2011. It can be found on flickr, and “John 3:16” is printed on the bottom of the cup. The edited version surfaced years ago on the now-defunct Unfriendable.com. The forum encouraged users to post “public displays of fail” from the internet. A seal from the website appears on early versions of the hail satan In-N-Out Burger photo.

A digitally-edited photo makes it appear that In-N-Out Burger cups say “hail satan.”

From there, the hail satan In-N-Out Burger photo has gone on to appear at a wide range of meme-sharing community forums. It’s appeared at JoyReactor, and at MemeCenter in 2014. So, the edited photo was well-trafficked by the time it resurfaced in April 2018.
In reality, hail satan has never appeared on In-N-Out Burger cups. Again, the image appears to riff on the fact that the burger chain prints bible verses on cups, wrappers, fry boats and employee paychecks, as CBS News reports:

In-N-Out Burger prints Bible verses on all of its products: cups, burger wrappers, fryboats, even employee paychecks. They appear in very small print and always in discreet places, but they’re there nonetheless.
The beverage seen here, for example, reads “John 3:16.” That citation refers to the Bible verse, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Given all that, we’re calling rumors that In-N-Out Burger cups say “hail satan” fiction.