Delete “hidserve.exe” from your ComputerFiction!



Summary of eRumor: 
A warning that says to search your Windows system directory for a file called hidserv.exe and delete it.  It is said to be collecting your personal data and passing it along to someone else.

The Truth:

According to Microsoft, hidserv.exe is a file in Windows 98 Second Edition.  It stands for Stands for “Human Interface Device Service.”  It is a file that deals with keyboards, mice, and other devices connected through the USB bus.  It is an official Windows file and has nothing to do with “mining” information from your computer.  

We have also searched for any information from independent sources and found very little about hidserve.exe at all, but nothing  that claims that it is a file that collects and reports information about you or your computer.

It looks like hidserve.exe’s greatest fame is from the eRumor!