Hillary Clinton Was Disbarred, Her Law License Revoked-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

Hillary Clinton was disbarred in 2002, and her license to practice law was revoked.

The Truth:

Hillary Clinton’s law license lapsed in 2002, but she wasn’t disbarred.

Hillary Clinton was admitted to the Arkansas Bar Association in October 1973, and her license was suspended in March 2002 because she didn’t meet continuing education requirements, according to online Arkansas Judiciary records.

So, it’s true that Hillary Clinton’s law license was suspended in 2002. But there’s no proof to support claims her license was suspended for disciplinary reasons.

This isn’t the first time Hillary Clinton’s legal experience has been called into question, either. Rumors have long persisted about her role in the Watergate investigation in the 1970s, and whether she was fired for unethical activities. We found those rumors to be a combination of truth and fiction — her former boss described her actions as “unethical” decades later, but she wasn’t terminated over them. Click here for our full investigation into that one.

So, rumors that Hillary Clinton was disbarred are false — but the same can’t be said for Bill Clinton. The Arkansas Supreme Court’s Committee on Professional Conduct suspended his law license for five years in the wake of the Monica Lewinski scandal. He was eligible to seek reinstatement in 2006 but opted not to, NBC News reports.