Why Hillary Clinton Was Really in Beaumont, Texas-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

Questions have surfaced about a fundraising stop that Hillary Clinton made in Beaumont, Texas, in January.

The Truth:

It’s true that Hillary Clinton attended a private fundraiser in Beaumont, Texas, in January.

The January 20th fundraiser in Beaumont was listed on Hillary Clinton’s official campaign calendar, so that was easy to confirm.

And two specific rumors about the fundraising stop were also pretty easy confirm through local media reports. One of those claims is that just six supporters greeted Hillary Clinton upon her arrival at the airport. Another rumor claims that she was in Beaumont to meet with 150-200 Pakistani Muslims. They have appeared in forwarded emails and discussion forum posts under the headline, “Why was Hillary Clinton really in Beaumont, Texas?”

Local television station 6 KFDM reported that just six supporters greeted Clinton at the airport, and that her security detail outnumbered the assembled crowd. Footage that the network aired from the airport shows that this was true. Here’s transcript of the report:

Only six people were at the airport waiting for Hillary to arrive. Some supporters and others just wanted to catch a glimpse of the presidential candidate. A quiet afternoon at Jack Brooks Regional Airport with heavy security measures — Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies and members of Secret Service made sure that Hillary Clinton had a safe arrival for her private visit here in Beaumont. Secret Service escorted the former first lady from the plane to her car that drove her to the destination where her private visit took place. She didn’t say hello or visit with anyone while at the airport.

So, it’s true that just six people greeted Clinton at the airport in Beaumont, as the rumor claims. But considering that the stop was for a private fundraiser, and there wasn’t any advanced notice that we were able to find, that’s not necessarily surprising.

The second rumor — that Hillary Clinton traveled to Beaumont to meet with Pakistani Muslims — is also true, according to local TV station 12 News:

Some estimates put the amount collected at half-a-million dollars, making it one of the top five private fundraisers Clinton has had in this country.

Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed hosted the reception for Clinton at this home in West Beaumont.

Former U.S. Representative Nick Lampson, who attended the event, says 250 people were there.

Lampson says Clinton spoke about education, healthcare and individual freedoms for people of all backgrounds and faiths.

Many of the Pakistanis at the event were pleased with Clinton’s vocal support of the Muslim religion.

Aisha Zahid said, “Talking about Muslims and favoring Muslims,so I really appreciate her whatever effort she is making against Islamaphobia, so I really think she needs to be the next President of the United States.”

12 News also interviewed a number of arriving guests who identified themselves as Pakistani. So, based on local media reports and news footage of Hillary Clinton’s stop in Beaumont, we’re calling this one true.


A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

Collected on: 03/17/2016

Channel 12 in Beaumont Texas did the reporting Story appears on Beaumont TV station Channel 12. According to the Beaumont newspaper and reports from a couple of Beaumont TV stations this really happened. Why did Hillary REALLY visit Beaumont, Texas – Got to read this!! Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop yesterday in Beaumont, Texas. Only six people were there to greet her. Her security detail outnumbered her supporters by quite a bit. She wouldn’t talk, wave to or even acknowledge those there to greet her. As bad as that is, it’s not the real story here. The real story is who she took a private meeting with. After landing, Clinton headed off to a fundraiser in West Beaumont, where she was greeted by around 150-200 Muslims, most of whom were of Pakistani origin. The event was held by Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed and Hillary raised approximately $500,000 by pandering to Muslims, making it “one of the top five private fundraiser’s Clinton has had in this country.” She’s bought and paid for by them. Spread this far and wide. You will not see it on national news but this is what is going on. Sheila Jackson Lee was there as well.