Hillary Clinton Had Seizures on Camera-Reported as Fiction!

Hillary Clinton Had Seizures on Camera-Reported as Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A video clip that apparently shows Hillary Clinton suffering a seizure on the campaign trail has raised questions about her health.
The Truth:
Claims that video shows Hillary Clinton having a seizure on the campaign trail appear to be false.
Theories that Hillary Clinton suffered a seizure on the campaign trail, or that she was suffering visible side effects from a stroke, went viral on websites like Reddit and 4chan. Users debated whether a video of Hillary Clinton doing impromptu interviews in a lobby in June captured her having a seizure.
Those theories went mainstream after the website Conservative Outfitters reported that theories about the video had raised questions about Hillary Clinton’s health:

It’s worth noting Hillary Clinton’s health has been on voter’s minds for a while now. Hillary is frequently seen suffering from violent coughing fits on the campaign trail. Sometimes the violent coughing fits leave her unable to speak for minutes at a time.

Watch the two videos below showing both angles and decided for yourself. Did Hillary Clinton have a seizure? What do you think? Is Hillary Clinton healthy enough to be Commander-in-chief?

But it seems obvious for a number of reasons that Hillary Clinton did not have a seizure in the video. After responding to a question about President Obama’s endorsement of her, a reporter loudly asked a question about who her vice presidential running mate would be. Clinton responded by nodding her head in mock surprise and shock and brushed off the question by holding up her coffee and saying, “You’ve got to try the iced chai,” to laughter.
These types of rumors aren’t new, either. Theories about the condition of Hillary Clinton’s brain have been around since she suffered a concussion in December 2012. After Bill Clinton revealed that it took Hillary six months to get over the brain injury, Republican strategist Karl Rove stoked rumors that Clinton had suffered brain damage in the fall (he later retracted the claim).
For a timeline of Hillary Clinton’s recovery from that concussion click here. Other theories about neurological conditions — including ones that she had a seizure on camera — are unfounded. That’s why we’re reporting this one as fiction.