Home Depot’s Founder and CEO Bernie Marcus Endorses Donald Trump-Truth! & Outdated!

Home Depot’s Founder and CEO Bernie Marcus Endorses Donald Trump-Truth! & Outdated!

Summary of eRumor:
Home Depot founder, CEO and chairman Bernie Marcus endorsed Donald Trump in an essay published online.
The Truth:
Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus had endorsed Donald Trump— but he is no longer CEO and chairman of the home improvement chain.
Bernie Marcus threw his support behind Donald Trump in an editorial published by Real Clear Politics on June 1 under the headline, “Why I Stand with Donald Trump.”
In his endorsement of Turmp, Marcus wrote:

As a backer of former Republican presidential candidates, I now stand in support of Donald J. Trump because the fate of this nation depends upon sending him, and not Hillary Clinton, to the White House.

I know Donald Trump, but we’re not close friends. However, I believe he will begin on Day One undoing the damage done by President Barack Obama. I stand ready to help him at every turn.

Like many, I am deeply concerned about the US Supreme Court. When Trump recently released his list of potential appointees, I grew confident in his resolve to keep our court balanced. Even more important: Clinton will push the court leftward for generations. She must be stopped.

Marcus, who co-founded Home Depot in 1978, added that if he were to try to found the home improvement chain today, he would likely fail because of government regulations.
As word of Bernie Marcus’s endorsement of Trump spread across social media, a grassroots effort to boycott Home Depot sprang up among Trump’s critics. Viral posts that listed Marcus as the founder, CEO and chairman of the board for Home Depot were only partially correct, however.
Bernie Marcus co-founded Home Depot in 1978, but he retired in 2001 to focus on philanthropy, Forbes reports.
So, it’s true that Bernie Marcus has endorsed Donald Trump — but it’s not true that Marcus is the current CEO and chairman of Home Depot.