Hotmail will shut down if you don't forward an email about it-Fiction!

Hotmail Is Shutting Down, May Cancel Accounts Or Start Charging Unless You Send Emails Protesting The Action-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:  
There are a number of Hotmail eRumors making the rounds:
…In one, an email from a Hotmail executive says Hotmail is getting too crowded and that you should forward his email to 20 people or your account will be deleted.  This is said to be because Hotmail needs to find out who is really using their Hotmail account and who is not.
…Other versions say Hotmail may start charging $25 for the service
…Others say Hotmail is going out of business and you need to forward all your important mail to a new email service.

The Truth:

Hotmail is a free email service through MSN and it is not shutting down or announcing any new charges.
Some of the eRumors about Hotmail don’t make any sense.  If Hotmail was changing anything important, wouldn’t it just announce that to Hotmail customers?  Why would there need to be an eRumor through other mail services.  Also, one of the eRumors says Hotmail is trying to validate how many people are using the service.  Hotmail already knows that.