Virus Alert-Infection in Windows via Images-Truth!

New Vulnerability Discovered in Windows That Can Bring Infections with Virus or Spyware Through Simply Viewing Images-Truth!


Summary of eRumor:

There is a new vulnerability that has been discovered in Windows operating systems that can infect your computer through merely viewing an image.

The Truth:

It’s a breaking story and a little complex, but important to know.

There is talk among computer security experts, such as From the folks at F-Secure, that there is a weakness in Microsoft Windows that could put hundreds of millions of PC computers at risk to be invaded by spyware or viruses.  One of the researchers at F-Secure says the threat is huge, probably bigger than any other vulnerability they’ve seen.



Microsoft became aware of the flaw at the end of December, 2005, and issued a security bulletin (link is below).  The threat took on larger proportion over the weekend, however, when a group of computer hackers published the source code they are using to create their infected images.  That has raised concerns that the vulnerability may be quickly exploited by both virus writers and companies that would use it for spyware (uninvited and unwanted programs that monitor your computer).






Last updated 1/3/06