TV Interview with an Illegal Alien?-Fiction!

“Real Interview” with an Illegal Alien-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

An outrageous alleged interview with an illegal Mexican immigrant by a television reporter in Houston named Jim Moore.  

The Truth:

There are several problems with this eRumor.

First, the eRumor doesn’t identify the Houston TV station but Jim Moore was a well-known to the viewers of KHOU-TV in Houston.  He was an award-winning investigative reporter who served as the station’s Austin Bureau Chief.  He left there, however, in 1999 to pursue a writing career and is the co-author of Bush’s War for Reelection: Iraq, the White House, and the People as well as the book Karl Rove Comes of Age.

That means he was not with the station in 2006 when this interview was alleged to have taken place. 

Second, KHOU-TV said this interview never aired there.

Third, we have not found any other television script reflecting the interview or any evidence that the interview ever really took place.

Fourth, the email is written more in a style that imitates what the writer would like for an interview with an illegal alien to sound like—again to try to prove a point. 

Updated 7/10/07