iPhone 6 Ebola Scare

iPhone 6 Contaminated With Ebola Virus–Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

A viral email alleges that a number of iPhone 6 devices assembled at a warehouse in Sierra Leon were contaminated with the Ebola virus.

The Truth:

Apple doesn’t manufacture or assemble any of its products, including the iPhone 6, in Sierra Leone or elsewhere in Africa. That means the odds of an iPhone 6 being contaminated with the Ebola virus are nil.

The website CompareCamp.com outlined the iPhone 6 supply chain in September 2014. Turns out the popular smart phone is sourced, manufactured and warehoused exclusively in the U.S., Europe, China and other parts of Asia.

At the time of the iPhone 6’s release, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said no cases of the virus had been reported outside West Africa.

Daily Buzz Live published the bogus report on September 22, 2014. Within days, it had been shared about a half million times by Facebook users.

Posted 09/29/14