Prayer for Kati Moss in Georgia-Truth! & Unproven

Prayer for Kati Moss in GeorgiaTruth!

Summary of eRumor:

The email says that 14-year-old Kati Moss of Rome, Georgia is battling cancer. 
You are encouraged to call her pager and punch in your zip code as evidence that you are praying for her and to tell her where you’re from.

The Truth:

Kati Moss is real and is battling cancer.
As of this writing, the pager information is also accurate.
It’s best to check on her website first to see what the latest information may be.
Emails of this nature tend to circulate long after the crisis has passed.
The site was taken down and the pager number is no longer in service.    We are investigating Kati’s present condition.

first posted 12/28/04  last update 08/24/08