Air Force Veteran Wrote Predictions For The Obama Presidency-Truth!

Air Force Veteran Wrote Predictions For The “New Obama Presidency”-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A forwarded email of an article written by Air Force Veteran Kit Lange containing her predictions for the Obama Administration.  They  include an increase of  web sites and Spam with offers government grants and an rise of terrorist activity from Iran.  She also predicts that Obama will appoint Supreme Court Justices with liberal agendas who could introduce Sharia law into the US legal system.   Among additional predictions are a decrease of US support of Israel and the chipping away of Constitutional rights.

The Truth:

Kit Lange told that she wrote this article on November 28, 2008 and posted it on her blog.   Lange is a Air Force Veteran who hosts an internet radio program called “The Front Line” and is now employed in the aircraft industry in the state of Washington. 

Click here for her blog.

updated 01/06/09