New Facebook Virus “spreading like wildfire”-Virus!

New Facebook Virus “spreading like wildfire”-Virus!

Summary of eRumor:

Numerous warnings are being sent tonight via email and Facebook about an alleged virus outbreak on Facebook.

The Truth:

Part of the warning is about a real virus that appeared at end of 2008.  A December 3, 2008 report  by McAffee confirmed that Koobface remained active on the popular network site but there have been no updates from the malware protection company on the progression of the virus.

A variety of warnings about Koobface have been circulating on the Internet that have caused a little confusion.

Some of the warnings talks about a “Koobface”  or “Koob Face” virus. Others refer to a “Knob Face” virus, which may just be a variation on “Koob face.”

The mere exchange of text messages on Facebook will not infect your computer.

The 2008 Koob Face virus, however, offered to show you a video. When you clicked the link you were prompted to update your Flash player—and that led you to an infected file.

Contrary to the warnings, it did not destroy your computer, but did install it as part of a network of computers that stole legitimate search engine results and redirected them to smaller, less legitimate search sites.

You can get more information on Facebook security from their security link at:

Additional information on the Koob Face Virus as well as symptoms and removal procedures can be found on this page posted on the McAffee web site:

updated 07/12/10