Words from Soldier to Anti-War Mom – Unproven!

Letter from an American in Uniform in Kuwait to an Anti-War Mom-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:
An inspirational, patriotic story of a letter from a soldier in Kuwait at the time of pending war with Iraq in 2003 to his mom.  She is apparently deciding to march against the war and he is telling her why he and other military personnel are prepared to defend freedom.
The Truth:
We don’t know the source or authenticity of this, but it’s feeling like a fabrication.  One glaring problem is that it is signed as having come from a Navy Corpsman…but the writer refers to himself as a “soldier.”  Additionally, American military personnel have been encourage not to distribute their APO addresses and it isn’t likely that one would ask for his APO to be published in the newspaper.
It was apparently originally published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal on March 8, 2003.