Pray for 3-year-old Lauren Renee Pingel in Amarillo, Texas-Truth!

Three-Year-Old Lauren Renee Pingel in Amarillo, Texas Was Seriously Injured in an Auto Accident and Needs Prayers-Truth!  

Summary of eRumor:
Little Lauren Renee Pingel was in a car accident in Amarillo, Texas, and despite being strapped in a car seat, was severely injured.  Her grandmother has issued an email request for prayer.
The Truth:
This story is true… and the latest news is that after serious injuries, a long season of treatment, little Lauren has been released from the hospital on 7/26/01 to return home.  (The details are in the example below.)  The accident happened on December 15, 2000.  Lauren endured several surgeries to drain fluid from the brain and dealing with the swelling of the brain.  She also had lung problems.