List of Senior Discounts-Truth! & Fiction!

Email’s Long List of Senior Discounts-Truth! & Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A chain email includes a long list of businesses like restaurants, retailers and airlines that offer senior discounts most people don’t know about.
The Truth:
Many businesses offer senior discounts, but they vary by location and often change on short notice.
Some senior discounts are available only on certain days of the week, some are only available at certain times of the year, and some don’t apply to certain products.
The best way for a senior to make sure they are getting every senior discount is to ask when they’re checking out, or to look on a website that allows them to search for senior discounts available in their zip code.
We won’t look at every single discount listed in this chain email. But it’s very first claim, that Wendy’s offers 10% off every menu item for people older than 55, is not true.
Some Wendy’s locations offer 10% off for people older than 55, others just offer a discounted price for drinks, and others don’t offer any discounts at all, according to the website
Most restaurants and retailers have similar policies, so this chain email’s long list of senior discounts isn’t completely wrong — but it’s not completely right, either.
And, just like the chain email claims, many airlines offer senior discounts. Southwest AirlinesAmerican Airlines and United Airlines are among those that do. But the discounts may only apply to certain flights, or may only be valid at certain times. It’s best to check with an airline when booking your tickets.
Seniors that belong to AARP may be able to get even more senior discounts on things like food, clothing, airfare and hotels. Click here for information on those discounts.