Locks of Love Charges Some Recipients for Wigs-Truth! & Fiction!

Locks of Love Charges Some Recipients for Wigs-Truth! & Fiction!  

 Summary of eRumor:

Locks of Love charges recipients for wigs even though they’re made with donated hair.

The Truth:

It’s true that families of some Locks of Love recipients are asked to contribute a portion of manufacturing costs, depending on their financial situation.

However, a viral social media posts that claims families are “charged” up to $1,000 for Locks of Love hairpieces is false.

Locks of Love provides hairpieces and repairs “free of charge or on a sliding scale based on financial need of those responsible for the children,” according to its website

Locks of Love requires applicants for hairpieces to provide the family’s most recent tax return, along with an application, medical diagnosis and letters of recommendation. The group said its hairpieces have a retail value of $3,500-$6,000. 

It’s been reported that Locks of Love wigs cost $1,000 to manufacture, even though the hair is donated free of charge. On its website the group says, “$1,000 sponsors a Locks of Love child,” so that’s on par with the reported manufacturing costs of wigs.

Lilly Robbins, the communications director at Locks of Love, told TruthorFiction.com that the group’s goal is provide hair pieces to financially disadvantaged children — but no recipients “pay” for hairpiece they receive from the group.

“No (Locks of Love) recipient pays for their prosthesis. Should a family exceed the financial guidelines, eliminating them from the need to receive a free prosthesis, based on their ability, they are requested to contribute to offset the cost of production of the prosthesis. Locks of Love takes into consideration each family’s individual situation; number of dependents, extenuating circumstances and debts/expenses they have incurred,”  Robbins said.

The rumor that Locks of Love charges recipients for wigs went viral on Facebook in August 2015. A user commented that she’d been told Locks of Love charges up to $1,000 for wigs made from donated hair, and the post quickly went viral:

Today I got a HUGE surprise! As I was preparing our Baby Girl Shiloh’s hair to send to Locks of Love some of my wise friends informed me that they charge patients for their hair and not to give them Shiloh’s hair.

Me: I asked, “patients with cancer? That we are donating hair to?”

Friends: “Yes! Could charge them $1000.00.”

So I just called and talked to Locks of Love and sure enough they charge people for the hair that is being donated to them!! Me: “Y’all charge? People with cancer? My 9 year old is giving u her hair!”

Lady: Well, depending on how much money the family has …”

Me: “Wow. Thanks, have a great day!”

Robbins said the situation described in the post is false.
“We are a very small office of six people who service children all over North America. Any calls/emails are sent directly to me, and I would never give out this false information,” Robbins said.