Pray for 4-year old Madison who is cancer-Truth!

Pray for 4-year old Madison Who Has Cancer-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A prayer request for a 4-year old girl who has been diagnosed with “non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, stage 4.”  The email says her father works for a temp service, the mom works part time at a family-owned business, and that they do not have insurance.

The Truth: contacted Madison’s great-aunt, Jan Kuhn, who confirmed that this story was true.   Madison is Madison Lehman.  Her parents are Keith and Ty Lehman.  They live near Mansfield, Ohio.

She said Madison has been diagnosed with Berkets non-Hodgkin lymphoma, stage 4 and that she had large abdominal tumors and cancer in the bone marrow.  Madison was being given chemo therapy and as of 5/31/08 her tumors were shrinking.

Jan asked for continued prayer for Madison whom she described as “Adorable with long blonde spiral curls and huge bright blue eyes.”

Updated 5/41/08