Forward an email about a mysterious story and you'll receive the end of the story-Fiction!

Forward The Story About Maggie And the Abusive Boyfriend and You’ll be Emailed The Mysterious Ending to the Story-



Summary of eRumor:
This is the account of a young girl named Maggie who wanted a boyfriend.  A young man named Justin got interested in her, but came on too strongly too fast and Maggie tried putting on the brakes.  He became angry and threatened her.  The email tells you the story to that point then says that if you want to know what really happened between Maggie and Justin, you need to forward the email to others.  The more people you forward it to, the more of the story you’ll receive.

The Truth:

This is a hoax.  There is no procedure being used on the internet that would track forwarded emails in this way and send you portions of the ending of the story as is described.