Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘If You Look at the Ice Ages, None of the People Back in the Ices Ages Paid a Bunch of Taxes to Melt the Ice’


"'If you look at the Ice Ages, none of the people back in the Ices Ages paid a bunch of taxes to melt the ice.' -- Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, explaining why she doesn't believe in anthropogenic climate change [on January 5 2022] on Tim Pool's live YouTube show."


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On January 6 2022, a Twitter thread addressed comments about climate change and “ice ages” taxes purportedly made by Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) the previous night during an appearance on Tim Pool’s podcast:

Greene was quoted as saying:

“If you look at the Ice Ages, none of the people back in the Ices Ages paid a bunch of taxes to melt the ice.”

A very basic mention of context (her appearance on a livestream with podcaster Tim Pool) was referenced, but it was not linked. A search of Twitter returned what appeared to be a clip of Greene’s remarks, once again appearing without a link to the source for the video:

In that clip, Greene said in part:

I really just don’t believe it’s people’s fault that the climate changes … the climate’s been changing since the beginning of time — if you look at the ice ages … none of the people back in the ice ages paid a lot of taxes to melt the ice … so it’s absolutely ridiculous to say that government solutions … paying more taxes to try to figure out how to reduce carbon — on paper really, not in reality — is going to do anything about climate change.

The climate just changes … we live on a ball [laughs], it is literally a ball that spins … and this spinning ball, Earth, rotates around a flaming ball, which is the sun. and and the same time, this is moving throughout our, uh, galaxy which is moving throughout the universe … i would just argue … of course our climate is gonna change …

We located Pool’s livestream on YouTube, which originally aired on January 5 2021 and lasted for two hours and five minutes. Greene’s “none of the people back in the Ice Ages paid a lot of taxes to melt the ice” commentary originated in that livestream, around 01:31:40. Greene made the statement in response to a question about her “craziest beliefs.”