Merry Christmas Virus-Fiction!

Merry Christmas Virus-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

A virus warning that says an infected email is circulating with an attachment named “Merry Christmas.”   It says the attachment opens a “Log Fire” and will burn the whole disc on your computer.  It says that it’s “the worst virus announced” and has been classified by Microsoft as “the most destructive ever.”   It also claims that McAfee discovered it, that there is no fix for it, and that it “destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc.”

The Truth:

This Christmas virus warning is a Christmas hoax that borrows from several other false virus warnings.

The “Log Fire” is similar to the wording of the false Olympic Torch-Invitation virus warning, which claims that an Olympic torch will burn your hard drive.  That virus warning also makes reference to being “the most destructive ever,” a warning from Microsoft, and the virus destroying the “Zero Sector of the Hard Drive.”

The wording of the hoax originated with another false virus warning variously known as “A Card For You” or the “Postcard Virus.”

Updated 12/11/07