Michelle Obama cuts trip short because her husband is a Muslim and Sharia restrictions- Fiction!

Michelle Obama did not accompany her husband to Turkey and Saudi Arabia because he is a Muslim and Sharia law forbids her to travel in Muslim countries- Fiction!

President Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as a sign of submission– Disputed!

Summary of eRumor:

A conversation at a video store with some Arabs about why Michelle Obama did not accompany her husband on the final leg of their first European tour.  They said the President is a Muslim and Sharia law did not allow him to bring his wife into Muslim countries. They also said that when Barack Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia it was a signal to other Muslims that he was submitting to the Islamic creed.

The Truth:

Michelle Obama cut her voyage short to be with her daughters before they returned to school while the President continued on the final leg of the tour to Turkey, according to The Times in the United Kingdom.  Click for story.

In April of 2009, months after taking office, President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, embarked on a European tour to attend the G20 summit in London and meet with world leaders. 

When the Obama met King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia all traditional protocol for an American President appeared to have been broken when Obama  appeared to have bowed as they shook hands.  The Whitehouse denied the gesture saying that the President bent over to shake the King’s two hands   Click here for Fox News Video Report on President Obama bowing to Saudi King Abdullah.

President Barack Obama is not a Muslim and has professed Christianity publicly on numerous occasions including when the President was in Cairo, Egypt in May of 2009 where he made another profession of faith in a speech that was heard around the world.    

A streamed video and transcript of the President’s speech in Cairo is available from the Whitehouse website:   Click  for video or transcripts.

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updated 06/11/09