White Star on Montblanc pens was designed for Hitler by a Jew-Fiction!

Montblanc Pens’ Familiar White Star Was Designed By a Jew for Hitler-



Summary of eRumor:
Montblanc pens have a trademark on their caps of a finely-crafted white star.  It is said that the Montblanc pen was designed by a Jew for Adolph Hitler so that, without knowing it, Hitler carried the Jewish Star of David in his pocket. 

The Truth:

The Montblanc company is a German company that was founded in the early 1900’s under a different name, then became Montblanc in 1910.  According to “The Montblanc Diary and Collector’s Guide” written by Jens Rosler, the first pens with the white star on the cap were produced in 1914, long before Hitler’s rise to power.  The white star represents the snow-capped mountain Montblanc which was also, “..black at the bottom, white at the top and the greatest among its peers.”  It does resemble a Star of David, but we have found no evidence that the resemblance is intentional.