“Netflix N Chill” Leads to Teen Pregnancy, Mother Sues-Fiction!

“Netflix N Chill” Leads to Teen Pregnancy, Mother Sues-Fiction!
Summary of the eRumor:
The mother of a teen who got pregnant during a “Netflix N Chill” session filed a lawsuit blaming the streaming video service for her daughter’s pregnancy.
The Truth:
A fake news website cooked up this hoax.
The website Huzlers reported that a 16-year-old girl sued Netflix after her daughter got pregnant during a ”Netflix N Chill” session, which is a code for fooling around. The article reports:

16 year old Andrea Brown is now pregnant after falling victim to a Netflix N Chill date. Her Mother is suing Netflix for $50,000, claiming that teenagers like her daughter are extremely prone to sexual intercourse when watching Netflix, and because of that, Netflix is to blame for the pregnancy.

The fake news story was quickly shared nearly 400,000 times on social media sites. Taken out of context, many social media users duped into believing that it was an actual news report. Hundreds of readers commented that teen’s pregnancy was the mother’s fault, not Netflix.
But a Huzlers disclaimer makes it clear that it’s not a credible source for news:

Bad fake news poorly written.

Your face would likely implode from the horrible grammar long before you get around to accidentally mistaking any of these articles as legit and sharing them.

So it’s safe to say this one is a hoax.