The "NO FEAR" clothing logos are actually racist symbols-Fiction!

The “NO FEAR” Clothing Logos Are Actually Racist Symbols-



Summary of eRumor:
An email makes reference to the numerous “NO FEAR” decals and clothing insignias and says that they are actually racist symbols from the crusader against racial equality, David Duke.

The Truth:

The successful visibility of NO FEAR is overwhelmingly the result of the NO FEAR label on sports clothing that has been popular since 1995.  That company has nothing to do with David Duke or his organizations.  The confusion comes from the fact that David Duke does lead a group called THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR EUROPEAN AMERICAN RIGHTS which is opposed to racial equality.   He announced the formation of the group in January in Washington, D.C.  Subsequently, however, the NO FEAR clothing company filed a lawsuit against David Duke and publicly denied having anything to do with him or his views.