Obama Sex Video or Acceptance Speech Video Could Be Infected With Spyware-Truth!

Obama Video Could be an Infected Email-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A warning about a virus infected email containing an Obama video that could steal your account numbers and passwords from internet financial transactions.

The Truth:

This warning is true according to several news sources, including the internet antivirus protection firm  Sophos.com. 

The email entices the reader to check out a flash video of President Elect Barack Obama having sex with Ukrainian woman but Obama does not appear on the video and by the time the reader realizes that spy ware has been loaded into the computer that will record transaction data containing account numbers and passwords which will be sent to awaiting thieves.

Other versions of this have been know to circulate as “Obama Acceptance Speech” and “John McCain dies of a heart attack”.  The McCain Version might be spelled “McCANE”.

Click for Sophos report

updated 12/01/08