Scam to get your credit card number-Scam!

You Could Get the Proceeds From a Porn Business Put Into Your Bank AccountScam!



Summary of eRumor:

This is a confusing email that says money from a porn site is due you then it asks for your credit card information.

The Truth:

This is a scam that may have originated from someone who does not speak or write English very well.
It says your credit card has been “charged” for money laundering services from your child porn website.
Or that you deal with “dirty money” and need their money laundering services.
Then is asks you to confirm the transaction and give your credit card information.

Our guess is that what the scammer meant to say was that the money from your website is ready and we can send it to your credit card.

The obvious goal is to harvest your credit card information.

Last updated 9/29/03