"Prophet Yahweh" the Las Vegas Man Who Says He Can Call UFOs Into Sight on Command-Under Investigation!

“Prophet Yahweh” the Las Vegas Man Who Says He Can Call UFOs Into Sight on Command-Under Investigation!

Summary of eRumor:

A Las Vegas man calling himself “Prophet Yahweh” claims to be able to summon UFO’s on command and says he’ll be doing so from June 1 through July 15, 2005, culminating in the appearance of a large spaceship that will hover over Las Vegas for two days.  

The Truth:

Prophet Yahwah is making quite a stir in Las Vegas.
He was an obscure guy with a religious fervor who hosted a cable TV show on UFOs.
He claimed to be able to make them appear whenever he wished and did so from time to time for small groups in back yards or parks.
He posted numerous home-made videos of the alleged sightings but skeptics didn’t give them much notice.
Then he issued a news release saying that beginning on June 1, 2005, he was going to be calling for UFO sighting on a daily basis until July 15.
Las Vegas TV station KTNV decided to put Prophet Yahweh to the test and had one of its reporters and film crews meet with him at a date, time, and place chosen by the station.
Prophet Yahweh prayed for a sighting and a light in the sky, described as orange, did appear and was filmed.
Click Here for a clip of the report.
Prophet Yahweh predicted that at some time during the 45-days a spaceship would descend and hover over Las Vegas not far from Nellis Air Force base and that it would be visible both day and night for two days.
It did not appear, however, and Prophet Yahweh said it was because the Las Vegas media blocked him out and would not cover the event, so he did not call down the spaceship.
Shortly afterwards, he said he was going to travel to all 50 states to demonstrate his ability to call down UFO’s.

UFO supporters are excited about his claims and believe him.
Skeptics don’t know how he does it but say they’ll figure it out.
Prophet Yahweh describes his profession as “Entertainment/Media” on a Yahoo personals profile and skeptics wonder if there is any connection between his antics and the upcoming Spielberg film “The War of the Worlds.”

Prophet Yahweh has formerly been known as Ramon Watkins, born in Memphis, Tennessee, according to his biography.
He attended Tuskegee Institute then Southern Illinois University where he says he first “joined the ministry” and had both radio and cable television shows in Atlanta.
He started a UFO cable TV show in Los Angeles in 1996.
In 1999, he says he had a dream that told him to move to Las Vegas where he also hosts a cable TV show on UFOs.
He claims to have discovered the ancient art of summoning UFOs and spaceships on command (he makes a distinction between the two).

On his Yahoo Personals page, he lists himself as divorced and seeking an “African Queen” (he is African-American).
He also lists his religion as Jewish.
Under the name of Prophet Yahweh he is the owner of several Internet domain names including a site that is condemning of the Roman Catholic church and another site that promotes polygamy.

Updated 8-12-05