Queen Elizabeth Offers to “Take Back” America-Fiction!

Queen Elizabeth Offers to “Take Back” America-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Queen Elizabeth has offered to restore British rule over America and has encouraged voters to write-in her name in the 2016 election.
The Truth:
False reports that Queen Elizabeth had offered to “take back” America amid a tumultuous election cycle have been inspired by satirical writings.
On October 29th, New Yorker magazine ran a column penned by satirist Andy Borowitz under the headline, “Queen Offers to Restore British Rule Over United States.” The column begins:

LONDON (The Borowitz Report)—In an unexpected televised address on Saturday, Queen Elizabeth II offered to restore British rule over the United States of America.

Addressing the American people from her office in Buckingham Palace, the Queen said that she was making the offer “in recognition of the desperate situation you now find yourselves in.”

“This two-hundred-and-forty-year experiment in self-rule began with the best of intentions, but I think we can all agree that it didn’t end well,” she said.

The Queen urged Americans to write in her name on Election Day, after which the transition to British rule could begin “with a minimum of bother.”

And, as it turns out, that’s only to latest version of the joke about Queen Elizabeth restoring British rule.
A letter in which the Queen supposedly outlined terms for restoring British dependency went viral on Facebook in 2011. And, in early 2015, a woman wrote a letter to Buckingham Palace asking that the United States be remade into a colony of United Kingdom — and, to her surprise, Buckingham Palace actually responded:

I have been asked to write in response to your recent letter to The Queen in which you express your views about the American government.

Whilst your views have been noted, you will appreciate, I am sure, that there can be no question of the The Queen intervening in the affairs of another Sovereign state.

So, the playful idea that the United Kingdom “taking back” the United States would be better than a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump presidency isn’t a new one — but it also isn’t a true one.