Popular Mechanics photo from 1954 predicting the look of the home computer in 2004-Fiction!

1954 Popular Mechanics Photo Showing the Home Computer of the Future-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A picture of a man standing in front of a large electronic contraption.
The eRumor claims that it’s a picture from a 1954 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.
The caption says that scientists from the RAND Corporation put together a model to illustrate how a “home computer” could look in the year 2004.

The Truth:

According to an article on the Popular Mechanics website, the picture is a hoax.
The picture was actually created by a man named Troels Eklund Andersen, a Danish tech support technician.
He started with a picture of a mock submarine maneuvering room, added an old TV handing from the wall, a 1970’s teletype, and threw in a picture of a hardware store owner from Ohio.
He entered the picture in a photo manipulation contest.
He never intended for it to be treated as a real picture.
According to Popular Mechanics, those who have been hoodwinked by the picture include some people who should have known better.
Scott Mcnealy of Sun Microsystems used the picture in his Oracle OpenWorld keynote speech in December, 2004 in San Francisco and Lotus founder Mitch Kapor briefly had it posed on his blog.
Last updated 1/6/05