Forward an email to find out about your future love life-Fiction!

Forward an Email to Find Your “Secret Crush”…Or Else!-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
An email says you should send it to at least two of your friends. If you don’t, you will “pay with your life.” You’ve got one hour to do it and when you do, a snail will cross the screen and out of its shell will pop out your “secret crush’s” first and last name, address and phone number. Then it says you should send the email to increasing numbers of people in order to get a better response about your “secret crush.”
The Truth:
This is the kind of email that preys on people’s superstitions.
The email is a hoax.
It has no ability to generate any message at all as the result of forwarding it to your friends…to the rest of it is bogus too.