Slow Dance poem written by a girl with cancer-Fiction!

The American Cancer Society will Donate to a Dying Girl if enough emails are circulated-Fiction!




Summary of eRumor: 
An email says there is a little girl who has six months to live.  People  are asked to forward the email about her to as many people as possible because the American Cancer Society will give 3 cents per email to support her treatment.  It starts with a poem titled SLOW DANCE.   The email is signed with the name of a professor at Yeshiva University in New York.


The Truth:

According to the American Cancer Society, the email is a hoax.  

The girl in the story is never identified, the American Cancer Society has not made any such commitment, there is no way for forwarded emails to be accounted for even if someone wanted to make a donation for each one, and the professor named at Yeshiva University, Dr. Dennis Shields, says he never had anything to do with any such story.  If you dial his number, you get a recording saying the story is not true.  

There are several versions of this email making the rounds of the Net.  Some simply say this is a poem written by a dying girl.  Others say the little girl gave it to a medical student.  Others say the poem is being circulated by a doctor.

The poem is actually from the pen of psychologist and writer David L. Weatherford (

updated 9/17/08