The Howard Stern Shows Interviews People in Harlem about Obama- The Audio Clips are Real!  Don't Know to What Extent They've Been Edited!

The Howard Sterns Show Interviews People in Harlem About Obama-The Audio Clips are Real!  Don’t Know to What Extent They’ve Been Edited!

Summary of eRumor:

An eRumor with an MP3 audio attachment of on the street interviews from Harlem in New York that aired on the Howard Stern radio program.  Sal, the man on the street, asked African-Americans if they were voting for Barack Obama for his pro-life, anti-stem-cell research or pro-war policies.

The Truth:

According to the Howard Stern web site, this program aired on October 1, 2008.   Howard Stern is a controversial shock jock with a history of airing racial, sexual and scatological humor.  He has a daily radio program heard on the Sirius Satellite Network.

The Stern website posted this description for October first show:

“Howard started off the show playing a few clips of Sal asking black people if they were voting for Obama, and attributed all of McCain’s political policies to Obama to see if they would still vote for him. All the interviewees readily agreed with Obama when Sal lied to them about his pro-life, anti-stem-cell research and pro-war policies. Howard said the clips were revealing, and Sal came in to say he thought the election had become less about ideas and, instead, some kind of race war.”

Of the three people questioned, two said they are voting for Obama because he is Pro-Life, two said they are voting for Obama because he wants to stay in Iraq and finish the war and one because Obama is against stem cell research.   All said that they had no problem with Sarah Palin being vice president.

Owing to the comedic nature of his radio program it is hard to take seriously anything Howard Stern airs on his show.  From a technical viewpoint, the audio consists of three people being interviewed in Harlem but there is no evidence to tell what has been edited out or how many people caught the radio trickster in the act.   The question is whether these were edited and were the only audio  clips among many that  fit what Stern wanted to portray.

The audio is posted in various blogs and YouTube sites.

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updated 10/21/08