A List of America's Worst Charities-Reported to be True!

A List of America’s Worst Charities-Reported to be True!

Summary of eRumor:

This forwarded email contains what appears to be a graphic image taken from an article that alleges to be an investigative report on charitable organizations and how much money they collect that actually goes to the cause of the charity.

The Truth:

The report is on America’s Worst Charities and consist of data collected after a “yearlong collaboration between the Tampa Bay Times and the California-based Center for Investigative Reporting.”  This according a September 18, 2013 report posted on the website of the Tampa Bay Times

The report said that companies telemarketing for charities were taking most of what was collected and ranked the 50 worst charities who hired outside solicitors.  The information for the report was gathered over a period of “10 years of available federal tax filings.”

Posted 10/27/13

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