How to beat a traffic ticket-Fiction!

  To Keep a Traffic Ticket From Going On Your Record, Overpay The Fine And Don’t Cash Any Refund Check-Fiction!



Summary of eRumor:

This emails says that if you get a traffic ticket, write a check for a little more than the amount of the fine.  When you receive a refund check for the difference, don’t cash it.  That’s because the traffic computers don’t regard your case as complete until all the paperwork is done and the accounts are balanced, so even though you got a ticket and paid it, that will not be put on your record, you’ll avoid the “points” that can go against you for insurance.

The Truth:

ccording to the National Motorist’s Association, ( this is a hoax.  NMA Spokesperson Eric Skrum tells, “We have had our members, activists, and lawyers look into this.  None have been able to find a place where this will work.”