Titans-Chiefs Sneed Trade Analysis

Trade Details

The Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs reached an agreement that sent cornerback L’Jarius Sneed from the Chiefs to the Titans. In return for Sneed, the Titans sent a third-round pick in the 2025 NFL Draft to the Chiefs. The two teams will also swap their seventh-round picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Titans had three picks in the seventh round, numbers 221 overall, 227, and 242, while the Chiefs had the 252nd overall pick.

L’Jarius Sneed was on the Chiefs’ books under the non-exclusive franchise tag, which would have seen him earning $19.8 million in the 2024 season. This tag allowed him to seek a trade, resulting in the deal with the Titans. As part of the move, the Titans worked out a new contract with Sneed, potentially making him one of the highest-paid cornerbacks in the league.

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Claim: Titans traded a third-round pick for L’Jarius Sneed

Description: The Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs reached an agreement that sent cornerback L’Jarius Sneed from the Chiefs to the Titans. In return for Sneed, the Titans sent a third-round pick in the 2025 NFL Draft to the Chiefs.

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Rating Explanation: The content of the article confirms the transfer of L’Jarius Sneed from the Chiefs to the Titans in exchange for a third-round 2025 NFL Draft pick.

Sneed has proven his value since being selected by the Chiefs in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, playing a crucial role in helping the team achieve two Super Bowl victories. His performance has been noteworthy, including a game-altering forced fumble in the AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens.

As Sneed transitions to the Titans, he is expected to deliver strong performances that contribute to the team’s success. His integration into the team is an important move as the Titans aim to strengthen their defense for the challenges ahead in the competitive NFL landscape.

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Impact on Titans

Strategic Fit Within the Team’s Defense

L’Jarius Sneed, known for his agility, instinctive play, and versatility, can serve as a key player in the Titans’ defensive strategy. His ability to play both perimeter and slot positions makes him a valuable asset, fitting well into the Titans’ scheme. The Titans’ defensive coordinator can deploy him flexibly against opponent teams’ key receivers, aiming to neutralize significant threats and disrupt offensive plays.

Complementing Existing Roster Talent

Sneed’s addition comes at an opportune time, especially with the Titans securing Chidobe Awuzie in free agency. Paired with Awuzie, Sneed is expected to offer the Titans a strong duo at cornerback, supporting a defense that could be among the league’s best. This pairing strengthens the Titans’ ability to cover wide receivers across the field and adds depth that supports various defensive configurations. The goal is to create a strong pass defense that minimizes passing yards and potentially leads the league in interceptions. With Roger McCreary holding down the nickel spot, quarterbacks in the AFC South will find the Titans’ defense challenging to penetrate.

Impact on Performance Expectations

The tactical versatility that Sneed brings is anticipated to benefit the Titans. His track record of important plays, including timely interceptions and forced fumbles, could impact tight games and boost the Titans’ confidence. Sneed’s addition aligns with the team’s goal of becoming a championship contender.

With an upgraded defense, the Titans are expected to improve their performance against both run and pass plays. Pressure mounts on the offensive line to capitalize on turnovers and field positions won by the defense, requiring strong team coordination.

The addition of a player of Sneed’s caliber, known for his work ethic and achievements, could provide a significant boost. It serves as a positive example for younger players and a morale booster, fostering a strong team spirit aimed at consistency and improvement.

L’Jarius Sneed’s acquisition by the Tennessee Titans is a strategic move in their season’s preparations. The combination of individual skill and team integration promises exciting performances, reflecting a refreshed spirit and increased expectations for the upcoming NFL season. The Titans’ defense, with its new addition, aims to be highly competitive and challenge opponents with determination and skill.

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Impact on Chiefs

Salary Cap Relief: A Financial Opportunity

The departure of L’Jarius Sneed from the Kansas City Chiefs’ roster frees up $19.8 million in salary cap space. In the NFL’s financial system, this provides the Chiefs with needed flexibility. It allows them to bring in new talent, either through free agency or the draft.1 Their financial flexibility will be tested as they navigate this increased cap space to build a defense that aims to maintain the standard set by Sneed.

Filling the Defensive Void

Sneed’s absence raises questions about the makeup of the Chiefs’ defense. He was a key player who excelled at covering top receivers and forcing turnovers, giving the Chiefs a competitive advantage.2 Filling the void left by such a versatile player requires a two-part approach:

  1. Acquiring experienced players
  2. Developing homegrown talents who can grow into Sneed’s role

Players like Trent McDuffie are positioned to step up, providing optimism amid the roster changes.

Strategizing for the Future: The Draft and Beyond

As the Chiefs move forward from Sneed’s time with the team, focus turns to building a successful plan for the future. The Chiefs have the opportunity to use their newly acquired draft picks to secure promising defensive talents. This effort goes beyond simply replacing Sneed; it’s about constructing a strong defensive future. With careful scouting and wise selections, the Chiefs can use their current situation as a launching point for continued success.

The Chiefs’ past successes and current talent point to a promising future. Chris Jones and the emerging defensive leaders demonstrate a team motivated by determination and a constant pursuit of excellence.

The trade of L’Jarius Sneed represents a period of adjustment and new opportunities for the Kansas City Chiefs. Amid challenges and strong competition, their ability to adapt, strengthen, and excel will be seen in the coming seasons. As they move forward, a range of possibilities emerges – challenging, but undoubtedly encouraging.

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Trade Evaluation

The Chiefs: Pragmatic Sacrifice

From the Chiefs’ perspective, this trade is a practical decision. Letting go of a talent like Sneed was a calculated move considering the salary cap and future roster flexibility. The $19.8 million in cap space relief is more than just financial relief; it’s an opportunity for new signings, retaining key players like Chris Jones, and potentially building a stronger, more diverse defensive unit.

In Sneed, they gave up not just a player, but a symbol of agility and reliability. The third-round pick they acquired is a delayed benefit, its value not tangible today but offering potential future success. Through effective drafting and a focus on potential, this could be the asset propelling the Chiefs to new levels. However, in the short term, their balance sheet appears a bit more subdued — part sacrifice, part strategic move for future seasons.

The Titans: Immediate Gains

The Titans emerge as immediate winners, celebrating their acquisition. Sneed’s arrival isn’t just about filling a position; it’s about building a foundation of defensive strength. His partnership with Chidobe Awuzie suggests a duo that could effectively limit aerial threats.3 The Titans’ approach leans more toward the present: theirs is a gain realized now, prioritizing immediate impact over developing uncertainties.

The financial aspect is also notable — while they’ve potentially committed a significant amount for Sneed, in the rising market for top cornerbacks, this investment could prove to be a relative bargain. The impact extends beyond on-field performance; it boosts locker room morale, signaling a strong desire for success and immediate impact players.

Balancing Immediate Gratification and Long-Term Investment

Determining who benefits more raises the classic question of immediate gratification versus long-term investment. The Chiefs have created room to maneuver, an opportunity to plant seeds for future success with financial flexibility. Their story is still unfolding, its outcome dependent on strategic foresight and successful draft picks.

On the other hand, the Titans grasp the tangible, a skilled defender ready to make an immediate impact. With Sneed, their focus is on the present; a message to competitors that they are a formidable team. This enthusiasm, combined with the immediate boost in talent, makes them serious contenders—a team energized by real-time gains.

In the bigger picture, the Titans emerge as immediate winners, enjoying their gains. Yet, beneath this lies the reality of time’s passage — where the Chiefs, with wise use of their new resources, could write stories of remarkable resurgence and success.

Thus, through different lenses, each side sees its own victory — one enjoying immediate benefits, the other looking ahead, betting on the potential of future opportunities.


The Tennessee Titans acquired cornerback L’Jarius Sneed from the Kansas City Chiefs in a trade that involved draft picks. Sneed’s addition to the Titans is expected to significantly bolster their defense, complementing existing talent like Chidobe Awuzie and Roger McCreary. For the Chiefs, the trade frees up salary cap space, providing financial flexibility for future roster moves. While the Titans gain an immediate impact player, the Chiefs’ benefits are more long-term, hinging on strategic use of the acquired draft capital. The trade showcases the balance between short-term gains and future planning in the NFL.

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