Trump Sons Detained at Canadian Airport Over Ties to Fascist Regime-Fiction!

Trump Sons Detained at Canadian Airport Over Ties to Fascist Regime-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
President Trump’s sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., were detained at a Canadian airport over ties to a fascist regime.
The Truth:
A fake news website is behind a false report that President Trump’s sons were detained at a Canadian airport over their ties a fascist dictator.
The story appeared at The Burrard Street (BS) Journal website under the headline, “Trump Sons Detained At Vancouver Airport Due To Alleged Ties With Fascist Dictator,” on February 28, 2017. The story doesn’t name which fascist dictator the Trump sons were allegedly tied to, but it claims that they were detained after traveling to the Pacific Northwest on official Trump Organization business:

RICHMOND, BC—Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are in police custody at YVR airport this evening, after alleged ties to a fascist dictator surfaced during routine questioning.

The two sons of a former American billionaire, had flown to the pacific northwest for the unveiling of the new Trump tower in Downtown Vancouver.

However upon arrival the brothers were reportedly selected for random inspection by the Canadian Border Services Agency and ultimately detained under suspicion that they may be connected to an oppressive regime in a foreign nation.

The Trump boys, who have followed in their family’s rich tradition of leeching off their father, are believed to be in contact with at least one leader accused of suppressing free speech and limiting the rights of migrants.

“We have reason to believe that these individuals are linked to a dictatorship and have held them for further questioning,” an official RCMP statement read. “Canada has strict laws about supporting tyrants and the safety of British Columbians is paramount.” According to the statement, the unnamed individual was among the “most vile” they had ever seen.

As the name “BS Journal” suggests, this report didn’t come from a legitimate news site. The site’s disclaimer makes clear that the Burrard Street Journal is “a source of parody, satire, and humor and is for entertainment purposes only.”