My Holiday With John McCain-Unproven!

My Holiday With John McCain-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

An eRumor claiming a bad encounter with Senator John McCain while vacationing in Turtle Island in Fiji in the South Pacific. Most versions of the eRumor appear to have originated from Mary-Kay Gamel, a professor at the University of Santa Cruz in California.

The Truth:

We have not found any evidence that this is true and are continuing our investigation.

Mary-Kay Gamel is a professor at the University of Santa Cruz and told that she did not write this email. She stated that she has never been to Turtle Island nor has she ever met Senator John McCain.    Gamel told that she received the email “third hand” and sent it on to some friends she discusses politics and her contact information was attached to the email.   Somehow along the many sends of this email she believes that she was misidentified as the author.

This erumor was originally posted in the Daily Kos claiming, first, to have been written by Ms. Gamel from the account of her friend, Anasuya (aka: Ana) Dubey of San Francisco, California.  As of Sep 22, 2008 it has been “reposted with more verification”  with the removal of reference to Ms. Gamel.  The story now claims to be written by someone know the mother of person who posted it on the website. 

This story lacks first hand information and remains unproven until both the unnamed author or Dubey surface to confirm or deny this story.

The story also took place in 2000 and raised the “topic of the active US bombing of Iraq at that time.”     CNN reported on December 16, 1998, that the the Clinton Administration had ordered the bombing of Iraqi key targets in 1998 during Operation Desert Fox.

Click here for CNN article on Operation Desert Fox 1998 Bombings of Iraq

updated 10/05/08