Vietnames Immigrant Quang Nguyen's Speech at the Prescott Freedom Rally-

Vietnamese Immigrant Quang Nguyen Speech at the Prescott Freedom Rally-Authorship Confirmed!

Summary of eRumor:

A speech given by Vietnamese immigrant Quang Nguyen at a Freedom Rally in Prescott, Arizona, in July 2010 continues to circulate online today.

The Truth:

We can confirm that Vietnamese immigrant Quang Nguyen delivered this rousing speech on what it means to be a U.S. citizen in July 2010.
The “Prescott Valley’s Freedom Rally” was organized by a Tea Party group in response to the federal government’s opposition to Arizona’s immigration bill, Senate Bill 1070. The event featured a comedian, a rapper, Tea Party activists and a state representative — but Quang Nguyen stole the show.
Quang Nguyen discussed his uncertain journey to America in 1975, his path to becoming a legal U.S. citizen in 1982, and his appreciation for Vietnam War veterans’ sacrifice in saving Vietnamese children like himself. At the time, the Prescott Valley Tribune described Nguyen’s address in a brief paragraph:

Local businessman and Vietnamese immigrant Quang Nguyen told the crowd about his journey to becoming an American citizen and, in a moving tribute, he had each Vietnam veteran in the audience stand so he could personally thank them.

A week later, Prescott eNews published a follow-up report with more details about Quang Nguyen’s address. The original post also included a video of Nguyen singing “I’m Proud to Be An American” after the address, but it’s since been disabled.  The report summarize’s Nguyen’s speech:

As people wiped tears from their eyes, he explained how he came from Vietnam, not knowing if he’d ever see his parents or siblings again. He spoke of how he felt the first time he recited the Pledge of Allegiance as a citizen of the United States.
One thing that shone the most clearly from his face, was the pride he has as a legal American citizen. Yes, it was difficult, and there were many requirements, but to Nguyen, it was all worthwhile.

So, based on local press reports of the 2010 Freedom Rally that describe Quang Nguyen’s speech on what it means to be an American in detail, we can confirm its authorship.